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About Thieveland + Sanoizm

Whassup world wide web!! Thieveland is an Urban Arts Lifestyle brand that was created in 1991 by the Cleveland old school aerosol artist known as SANOizm. The concept of thieveland:216 began as a moniker for the rustbelt city's name sake. Overtime Thieveland has grown to encompass the elite conquest of corporate bankerstate political parties in the uber-savage race to overextend the world's resources in the name of the reigning back to back world war champs looking to threepeat, with a special emphasis on 1492. Thieveland is an art and design creative space laboratory with a mission to counterattack the symbolic propaganda with thoughtful and environmentally considerate production techniques. Short run designs, hand crafted objects from local resources when possible. Currently Sano design/paints/creates, prints thieveland items to order, packs and ships just for you. soon to expand, with many other artists on hand.

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- sanoizm

rep'n thieveland allways 2012